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App Features

Employee Management

Tracking employee records and information has never been easier. Employee Management saves all the required information including employee’s details in the system.

Appraisal System

Keeping track of an individual’s work performance and timely deserved appraisals. Organization will be able to formulate strategies and goals on performance evaluation of employees.

Time & Attendance

HRM Assistant's Time & Attendance will let your clients calculate the working hours of employees along with overtime done.

Shift Management

Every organization is different. Some work on regular timings and some work around the clock-in shifts. HRM Assistant will handle all clients rosters efficiently.

Payroll Management

This System helps to organize all the tasks of employee payment and the filings. These tasks can include keeping track of hours, calculating wages, generating payslip etc.

Recruitment Management

It helps Company to manage job announcements and applications easily through their account and cut down your recruitment costs.

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self Service will give company's employees and managers an opportunity to participate in daily activities related to Human Resources in the organization.


HRM Assistant offers you a customisable function that allows you to define your pricing dynamics, control the look and feel of your web interface among other customizable features.


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Frequently Ask Questions

What is HRM Assistant?

HRM Assistant is a software solution created to simplify human resource management processes for HR Consultancy/Advisory Firms.

As the work of an HR Consultant/Advisor involves management of different workforce from age to work type and even industry differences, the need to manage a workforce whose productivity interpret to positive business outcomes is nonnegotiable.

HRM Assistant provides you with the tools and technologies that help you get the very best from employee performance and workplace productivity.

Yes. HRM Assistant is a cloud-based solution that works anywhwre in the world. Of course, our team recognizes that HR practice across the world differ in application and practice, therefore, we have readily available a team of support staff who would work with you to get you a customizable function that suits your specification for the use of the solution.

The features of HRM Assistant cover all core areas of an HR function from Employee Management to Appraisal System, Time Attendance, Shift Management, Payroll Management, Recruitment Management with an additional function of integrating to a Biometric System.

HRM Assistant has its pricing function determined based on capped sales, full details about the pricing are downloadable

As an organization of repute on our other products, an essential factor our customers love us for is our robust support system. For every customer of ours, we know you are entitled to support and that we do not take with levity. Yes, there is a support and you are just a chat away.